"Knowledge is of two kinds, either we know a subject ourselves, or we know where to find information upon it."


Our experience, training, connections, partners and breadth of scientific knowledge means we can provide or facilitate a wide range of professional services as illustrated below.  However, we always welcome new challenges and new problems as well.  Check out our brochure for a summary of our services.  Then contact us and we can work together to move you closer to achieving your  goals.

Special Services

Next generation sequencing

Application development using Microsoft Office 2007 components


Management, technology, information and process consulting

Process and management control enhancement

Outsourced informatics service and support

Technology transfer/Market positioning

Business to business connectivity

Employment services

Integration/Development Support for Applied Biosystems 37XX Sequencer Data Utilities

Research and Analysis

Business/competitor/technology evaluation

Competitive benchmarking

Due diligence

Testing and 'certification' process for new products

White papers

Animation and Graphics

Marketing/Training/Education Materials

Technical Animations/Graphics




Prior Art/Patent Analysis and Discovery




Prior Art Research

In-house Resource Placement

Due diligence

Market Analysis and Product Design



Technology brokering

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Solutions-based product/application design

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