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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."


discovery biosciences and Global Wonder, Inc. have developed a partnership to provide animated graphics for science researchers and organizations.  Global Wonder  is an award-winning animation company in Seattle, WA expert in traditional 2D cel techniques, computer-aided 3D modeling and animation, and web-friendly delivery methods such as Flash and ActiveX, as well as video production.  They develop a wide range of entertainment and gaming graphics as well as technical materials.  Combining this expertise with the technical and scientific insight of discovery biosciences allows us to develop with our clients technically accurate as well as visually engaging and effective illustrations of scientific, technological and process ideas.  These are then available for marketing, training, and  educational activities.   They can be stand-alone animations of a single idea or process, or constitute entire interactive packages.  They can be delivered via hard media, video or the web.  The style of illustration can range from cartoony all the way to realistic.  We can provide affordable solutions for the single researcher needing to illustrate a novel scientific discovery or an entire marketing and educational portfolio for a life science company.  Please contact either discovery biosciences or Global Wonder if you would like to discuss a project or just want to see examples of our work.


Click here to view  an example of a sciientific animation done for web presentation, an illustration of the aqueous outflow system in the human eye done for Professor Murray Johnstone from the University of Washington.  It was developed in Flash and is presented in QuickTime.  You will need QuickTime to view the movie - click here to download the plugin. 



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