Prior Art/Patent Analysis and Discovery

"We are drowning in information, but starving for knowledge."




discovery biosciences, in partnership with Pivotalinfo, LLC,  provide IP research services.  Pivotalinfo is a Washington-based company specializing in intellectual property prior art research as well as market intelligence gathering.  Their clients include multiple Fortune 500 corporations and independent researchers and authors.  Their efforts have resulted in considerable savings for their clients.  Combining their expertise and knowledge of search techniques and intelligence data sources with discovery biosciences' experience and knowledge of life science technologies, chemistry,  biology and computational science will provide a powerful new resource for any researcher or organization that needs to know not only what is known in their domain of interest, but what is covered or not covered by IP constraints.  Our efforts have included right-to-use analyses, technical reviews, due diligence for investment concerns, prior art discovery as well as the development of discoveryView, a technology directly applicable to the prior art discovery mining effort.  The principals also have extensive experience through their own patenting efforts.  We can also bring to bear the expertise of a large group of external consultants and contractors to provide an enormously broad range of analysis expertise.  Contact us and we can help you or your organization know exactly where you sit within the IP landscape.


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