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"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there."


Working with leading business service companies (IBM, Deloitte Consulting, Tooned In, Pivotalinfo, etc.) as well as market leading technology vendors (Applied Biosystems, geneticXchange, etc.) discovery biosciences is able to leverage its own considerable experience and expertise to provide an unmatched breath of business consulting and contract services as illustrated below.  Our services can be tailored to your particular needs as we also can bring to bear a host of independent experts along with other professional organizations to create just the right team to address your problem.  We know the science and the market.  Let us help you move forward on both fronts.  Check out our consulting partners brochure, then contact us to see how we can help.  

Management, technology, information and process consulting
We create for a client an 'as-is' profile of their existing drug discovery processes, identifying strengths, weaknesses, critical bottlenecks and areas for improvement.  The focus areas include process flow, decision-making processes, experimental methodologies, idea/result exchange, utilization of data sources and technology, IT infrastructure, collaboration/partnership approaches, etc.

Process and management control enhancement
In partnership, we can help re-engineer processes, decision-making, collaboration and results-measurement to instill a new culture and approach, replacing linear discovery and isolated, parallel efforts with a collaborative, portfolio management-based approach.

Technology transfer/market positioning

We work with both technology companies as well as investment companies such as Avogadro Partners, LLC to evaluate and position IP assets and expertise relative to their technical merits and market possibilities.  Critical to this is the ability to help find appropriate technology and/or investment partners either as a source for development capital or licensing/direct sales income.

Outsourced informatics service and support
Startup companies are usually hard pressed to design, implement, even hire for the level of informatics support they require to be competitive.  We can provide management and application support as well as complete vertical services integration.  

Business to business connectivity
There are many forms of business to business connectivity that require specific knowledge of data exchange protocols and procedures.  discovery biosciences has the experience and expertise to enhance the interchange of data between collaborative partners and to deal with the wide variety of subscription services used by its customers.  This will include protocols for data conversion between partners and the management of distributed data collection in clinical trials and by Contract Research Organizations.

Employment services
One of the most frequent and taxing issues for companies is hiring the appropriate in-house computational staff.  discovery biosciences can aid in the evaluation of what expertise is needed as well as potentially headhunting for those services.

Integration/Development Support for Applied Biosystems 37XX Sequencer Data Utilities
We have been asked by Applied Biosystems to be the official support site for individuals and organizations developing software using the ABIF Toolkit.  These utilities provide direct programmatic access to the data coming from the ABIPrism series of sequencers and fragment analysis devices.

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