Research and Analysis

"If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. "


Business/competitor/technology evaluation
These are targeted efforts for clients for evaluating, testing and providing recommendations concerning adoption of new technology products and/or the resources available from particular companies.  This may be particularly useful in acquisition and investment evaluations where companies may not have the in-house expertise or they wish to have an independent assessment of the target technology.

Competitive benchmarking
We will enhance the “as-is” assessment through comparison of the drug discovery process to current industry benchmarks, characterizing the “as-is” on several scales, including cost, time, risk and effectiveness.

Testing and 'certification' process for new products
These reports will be made available on a subscription or one-time charge.  We will generate and provide rigorous metrics for testing new algorithmic products as well as establishing scalability and performance characteristics.  These may also be done on a per contract basis.

In making purchasing or planning decisions, there need to be concise resources that describe the issues and options.  We will codify our own analyses on these issues into a continuing series of Whitepapers on current technologies and opportunities.  Our emphasis on science and process expertise as well as a reduced reliance on our own 'product' will give these efforts credibility that a typical bioinformatics company would not have.  Our broad partnership platform will also provide the breadth of experience and insight needed to make them worthwhile, timely and complete.  These Whitepapers will be available by subscription and direct purchase.

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