Market Analysis and Product Design

"Chance favors the prepared mind."




discovery biosciences, in partnership with Pivotalinfo, LLC,  provides rapid, thorough and insightful market research services.  Pivotalinfo is a Washington-based company specializing in intellectual property prior art research as well as market intelligence gathering.  Their clients include multiple Fortune 500 corporations.  Combining their expertise and knowledge of search techniques and intelligence data sources with discovery biosciences' experience, knowledge and connections within the life sciences arena can provide for a unique view of markets and the opportunities available to technology and service vendors.  Likewise, discovery biosciences' expertise and experience with the technologies, science and computational methods employed within this domain provides a powerful new resource for any  organization that needs to know how best to package their own unique knowledge, technology and resources into marketable products and/or service offerings.    The principals for discovery biosciences have years of experience in developing successful products within the life sciences domain.  We have also helped position technology assets of multiple platform companies into more solution-based application products.  Likewise, we have helped bring together technology providers with appropriate product organizations.  Contact us and we can help you make the most out of your assets.


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