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"Science is made up of facts just as a house is built up of stones, but a collection of facts is no more science than a heap of stones is a house."
Henri Poincare

Next Generation Sequencing

Our team is uniquely experienced in the development and use of DNA sequencing technologies, including having a patent holder of the industry-standard four-color automated sequencers as well as knowing well the groups developing many of the so-called Next-gen platforms.  It is clear that each has its strengths and weakness and that any one's value is very dependent on the context of its use.  In other words, a simple cost-per-raw-base calculation is not of much help when you are trying to figure out which platform can deliver the lowest cost-per-project along with the best results for the particular science or service you have in mind.  Let us bring to bear this experience, connections and breadth of scientific knowledge for you.  We can provide a bias-free analysis of your needs and how these can or can not be met by the new platforms.  Contact us and we can work together to move you closer to achieving your  goals.


Application Development Using Microsoft Office 2007

Our team has been working with Microsoft for over five years on developing a strategy for using various of the Microsoft software  applications, such as Word, Excel and Sharepoint, as means to both develop and deliver commercial and in-house developed software tools.  For example, how often do you open an application and see a spreadsheet model used to deliver your results - only to have to use an Export function to get these data into Excel so you can use the robust formatting, sorting, statistical and graphical tools that Excel provide natively?  What if the data was delivered directly in Excel in the first place?  The new Office 2007 not only provides a standards-based XML data model, but robust ways to embed the functionality of Office into other applications. We think this can be a great and economical way to develop powerful new applications while adhering to a standards model.  We can help you better understand the way to use these resources in your development efforts. Contact us and we can work together to move you closer to achieving your  goals.  Please see the BioIT Alliance site for more information.


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