"Science without conscience is but death of the soul."

MICHEL de Montaigne, Essays (1580)


In our roles as scientists and business people, it is important that we not forget our larger responsibilities to share our experience and even fortune with those that have not had our opportunities.  We have included this link to encourage our clients and customers to participate to the extent they can in charitable efforts that reflect their own priorities in the world.  At discovery biosciences, we have decided to express this commitment by supporting both financially and with resources selected organizations and efforts that target issues of education, particularly but not exclusively concerning science.  As discovery biosciences grows, we hope to extend the reach of our efforts.  Also, as we are a global enterprise, our interests in this area must also be global.  Therefore, we include here a link to a group that we helped get started and continue to support, The Children of Sosnovaya Street.  Please take a moment to check out the information on their web site.  Feel free to add your own support to their efforts.  However, there are more than enough deserving groups that can use your help.  Help support what's important to you.























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