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discovery biosciences corporation is a professional/technology services organization with proprietary methods, data and a unique perspective founded on the scientific, management and informatics experience and expertise of its people.  Our goal is to partner with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and technology delivery companies to help them derive maximum value from their efforts by re-defining their discovery and/or development process within an information-intensive context.  The landscape of drug discovery has evolved dramatically over the past several years, as new high throughput experimental technologies and their resulting data sets have become integral to pharmaceutical drug discovery research.  These new methods have dramatically raised the potential for increasing the number of targets for therapeutic development as well as for increasing the overall speed of drug development.  Likewise, technology delivery companies, both computational or instrument/reagent focused, are delivering ever faster, higher-throughput and precise tools to facilitate these efforts. 

Unfortunately, many drug development organizations have not been able to develop internally an information architecture to productively deal with the latest in informatics, process analysis, decision support, knowledge management, accelerated analysis, data mining and intranet delivery.  Similarly, technology delivery companies often are unable to position their products appropriately within this new, integration-intense research market.  discovery biosciences is able to bring to these companies experience and insight into the state-of-the-art of life science informatics, market requirements and opportunities, as well as development and deployment of such an architecture.  But more importantly, discovery biosciences will assist the customer in leveraging their unique data generation environment or technology in order to deliver maximum value for them and/or their customers.   

discovery biosciences aims to enhance the drug discovery and development process at customer companies by:

Our objective is to increase the effectiveness of the drug discovery and development processes, while reducing costs and time-to-market.  Legacy 'silo-based' processes can be replaced by an overall approach that creates and manages a portfolio of opportunities and discovery efforts.  Analogous to the management of a financial portfolio, success will be measured by the composition of the portfolio, the derivation of value and the minimization of risk and decision-making effort.

The discovery biosciences team consists of in-house informatics, instrumentation and science trained individuals with years of industrial and academic technology development and deployment experience as well as a proven track record in market analysis, product development and partnering.  We maintain a broad array of external consultants that can be directed towards particular problems as the needs arise.  Also, we are able to call upon our partner companies to deliver a coordinated deployment effort when needed.  In other words, we can provide precisely the team your organization needs. 


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